Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wow, where'd January go?!

Holy Crap!

January in nearly over! Where has this year gone?

Here's hoping everyone had a great holiday season and that this month is a great beginning of '11 for all.

I didn't make any New Years resolutions - because if I did, I would have most likely broken them by now....hey, I'm honest!  Instead of resolutions, I make 'efforts.'  I have made an effort to exercise everyday (an easy one) and to watch what I eat (a not so easy one).

Since we last talked: I have a new editor on RESPITE! She's lovingly kicking my butt and making me think, which is a good thing because not only will it make RESPITE better but anything I do from here on out.

I return to blogging at A Daily Dose of Decadence in February. If you ever wanted to learn a 'foreign' language, you might want to check it out beginning Feb. 9th. In the meatime, check out some of my earlier posts either here or there!

Happy ---belated --- New Year!

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