Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Excerpt Time---Haste Ye Back!

In just a couple weeks, my latest story with Decadent Publishing Haste Ye Back will be released.

So, that means it's Excerpt Time! Please enjoy this little taste of Haste Ye Back!

Ian didn’t deny his immediate attraction to Bryn, and he couldn’t help think she felt the same—gregarious and affectionate, her hand touched his arm, rested on his knee, and during something particularly amusing, playfully slapped his thigh, then lingered there, fingers dancing dangerously toward his inseam.
Maybe Martin and Garret had been right—this service was more than that. Spot on with their description of Madame Eve, even without the massive number of pounds he’d laid out for the arrangement. Obviously the proprietor had some sort of mental extension into the past and present to bring him someone with whom he had an immediate connection, and one who responded to him in the same manner. Like Eve had reached back into their collective conscious and recreated some long lost love and relationship.
Despite the obvious closeness and easy and entertaining conversation with Bryn, it still surprised him when less than two hours into their meeting she nuzzled against his cheek, her lips dragging over his ear when she whispered, “Uh, I hate to be blunt, Ian, but if I don’t get my mouth around your dick—and soon—I think I’m gonna die.”
Haste Ye Back and The One He Chose---1 Night Stand stories from Wendy Burke and Decadent Publishing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Round!

 Okay, I's been awhile!

But, the good news is, I have completed ROUND ONE of edits for Haste Ye Back, which has a release date sometime later this month or early March. Now that's  exciting in my book!

In the meantime, The One He Chose has been getting amazing reviews. I'm shocked and proud all at the same time. If you look to the right, you can see TwoLips, Whipped Cream and Romancing the Book reviewed the story and all gave it high marks.

Just as a side note, my pal Deanna Wadsworth and I have been writing these 1 Night Stand stories with overlapping characters. Haste Ye Back is the fourth in the series of six we've planned. The series began with her Bear It All, followed by my The One he Chose, her Accidentally Beautiful will be out soon as well, then on to Haste Ye Back. While the stories stand alone in their own right, if you read them in sequence, you'll see what has happened with the characters in the previous book. After these four, well at least two more to come. And for those of you in the northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan area of the country, you may recognize some of the locations!

So, that's what's been going on from this end. Hope everyone is enjoying 2012!

Until next time...