The "Back List"

If you've wondered about what other musing have come out of my head, here they are!

Fiery and stubborn Madeline Raburn never thought life on her own could be so trying. The daughter of an influential New York businessman, Maddy has always had the best of the best…as long as she abided by her parent’s wishes. When sent to Italy to meet their choice for a potential husband, she enforces a respite from her overbearing family. She thought running away might be the answer, but when she meets Ryan, her situation becomes a little more complicated….

Honorably discharged Sgt. Ryan Davison has traipsed through Europe for three years, compliments of the U.S. Army and the war against the Germans. Now tired and in desperate need of rest, he’s determined to forget the pain and deaths he’s encountered. Landing in a quiet harbor town in Morocco, with its sultry weather and tantalizing views, he believes he’s found a quiet respite from the haunting days of war, until Maddy stumbles into the bar…not looking for trouble or love, but finding both.

Life takes a drastic turn for Ryan and Maddy as their building attraction tempts them into the exotic world around them, but will they have to fight for their passion and love once their past catches up with them?

A year after losing her beloved husband, Grace Wizler learns he left a special surprise for her. A fabulous getaway in the beautiful Canadian Rockies that includes a date with a mystery man arranged through Madame Eve's 1NightStand dating service. She's shocked and intrigued...what was Ben thinking?

Grace's date is charming, handsome and about to find out whether the woman of his dreams will return his affection. He's waited forever, but he's ready to risk it all on a 1NightStand.

All her life something had drawn Bryn Wallace to Scotland. Just weeks before her lifelong dream trip to visit Edinburgh is fulfilled, Bryn’s fiancĂ© dumps her. She’s determined to have a good time, but touring the romantic Highlands is a bit boring alone. And not wanting to troll the pubs, she goes out on a limb and signs up with Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service.

Divorced Ian McCallum is tired of making decisions, especially when it comes to women. When an old schoolmate suggests 1Night Stand, he figures he has nothing to lose. But, what he doesn’t know is his one-night stand was centuries in the making.

Over twenty years ago, Emmy Patterson kissed her fiancĂ© for the last time. Nick promised he’d return and despite bad news from U.S. military services since the day he went missing, she’d never lost hope he's alive and celebrates his life every chance she gets.

When The Castillo Hotel purchases some of her glass artwork, she spends the winter holidays in Las Vegas promoting it. But is this unexpected business travel a coincidence, or has the wise Madame Eve found a way to heal Em’s wounded heart?

She’s fifty pounds past perfect…

Pretty and professional, orthopedic surgeon Abby Lewis has plenty of money and friends. Pushing forty-five, however, she’s tired of lonely nights and reservations for one. Even her geeky little brother nabbed a drop-dead gorgeous, professional baseball player boyfriend, so what the hell is wrong with her? The doctor diagnoses her own malady—most men don’t want a woman whose lush curves overflow the hourglass.

He yearns for more…

Handsome, well-educated, and arrogant Casey Rupp can have any woman he desires—and he knows it. But he’s tired of shallow relationships driven by sexual exploits and lust. He wants more and determines the only way to find the right woman is to take his looks out of the equation.

Can Madame Eve work her magic for these two hungry hearts?

Charly Knox has everything – married to handsome, major league baseball shortstop; two darling little girls; a beautiful home in an upscale suburb. What more could she want? Other than the love of her husband?

Andy Knox has everything – a gorgeous, smart-as-a-whip wife; beautiful twin daughters; plenty of fame, and more than enough fortune and friends. What more could he want? Other than the love of his wife?

Their marriage isn’t over, but stalled, stuck. Regardless of status, they’re bogged down in the rut that work, kids, familiarity and life in general can become. 

Can Madame Eve “light the fire” and again show them why they fell in love in the first place? 

From the magical workings of Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand Series and romance author Wendy Burke comes three stories of hope, passion and second chances.

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