Saturday, August 31, 2013

And then there were five...

     Friday, September 6th -- another big day for me. My fifth story with Decadent Publishing will be released. As you can see by the banner, it's another 1NightStand story. Although, I would love someday to finish and release a full length novel, for some reason, these intense short stories seem to flow out of my head.

    FOR ME may hit a mark with some of you dear readers, especially if you're of the fuller-figure variety. I'll be honest, I've battled my weight and self-consciousness because of my weight, all my life. Sure, I was a size 8 for a year and a half --but it was a fairly unhappy, overly-obsessed- with-the-scale 18 months. I was a knock-out, but at what cost? I only wish I had the healthy attitude my character, Abby, does about her size. Thankfully, I have a husband, who like her date, Casey, accepts her as she is and more importantly who she is on the inside. Sure, it sounds very hokey and cliche, but his want of her, and their collective acceptance of beauty--inner and outer -- has been terribly maligned over the years. What are we teaching our children through the media's slanted, photo-shopped images of people?

     But, I didn't want to get too serious with this blog--rather PUSH a book! 

     Here's a little taste of what's between the (electronic) covers of FOR ME:

Welcome, Dr. Lewis.
I hope you are finding the Castillo Retreat relaxing and delightful. 1Night Stand takes into consideration both parties requests and appetites when designing their encounter.
Your date will arrive shortly. Please get comfortable by undressing and wearing the robe provided and relax on the massage table in the spa room. He expressed on his application that he has great hands. If you are accepting, he would like to begin the evening with a massage.
Despite knowing you’re a physician, your date is slightly self-conscious about his appearance, so by having you wear the blindfold provided, he’ll feel more comfortable. You may have some concern having one sense taken from you. I suggest you and your partner decide on a safe word. Should either of you feel uneasy at any time, with any action, use the agreed-upon word to stop the encounter.
Have a wonderful evening.
Madame Eve
“What the hell? He’s self-conscious? I’m the one bare-ass naked under nothing but a robe”
Staring at the envelope, she waited for the words to change even slightly. They didn’t. Dammit. With a grunt of irritation, she tossed the paperwork on the table and headed for the spa room.
He’s self-conscious. “Hmmm.” Disfigured from some accident, deformed at birth, marred by a bad case of adolescent acne? “Quit being so ridiculous, Abigail!”
She began to undress and caught a glimpse in the full-length mirror and sighed. She shouldn’t be disgusted—she had a beautiful, round figure, or so her mother told her all through high school, with well-defined arms and shoulders from her love of kayaking and canoeing. Hours in the medical center’s private pool helped as well. Regardless, an evil, self-destructive thought crossed her mind; He’ll wonder who delivered the cow then demand his money back.
Covering with the cozy bathrobe provided for her doused the notion. She lay down on her back on the towel-wrapped table and as directed, slipped the small blindfold over her eyes.
The world went dark. Not a frightening dark, but a deep, restful absence of light, a peaceful black.
Under the blindfold, she closed her eyes to the world. So quiet. She dozed, she had no idea how long, until the closing of the door brought her around.
“Hello, Dr. Lewis. Or may I call you Abigail?”
“Abby is fine.” She turned her head, following the deep, satiny voice of a man. Quiet steps moved behind her head. He stopped. Fingering the knot of her robe, she tightened it, covering herself, hoping to ward off the odd sensation of him studying her shape.
The lonely spot between her legs pulsed when a heavy hand lit on her shoulder.

His breath fell warm and solicitous on her ear. “What would you like rubbed first?”

     With this story, a 'collaboration' of sorts with dear friend and fellow DP author Deanna Wadsworth, has come to an end. FOR ME is the sixth in the series of a half dozen DW and I have written with overlapping characters.

     And, how are all these books 'related,' well: the furry guy (John) BEAR IT ALL's cover is the brother of the lovely woman (Grace) on my THE ONE HE CHOSE. The cute blond (Martin) on Deanna's ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL is the concierge at a Castillo hotel where Grace stayed in her story. Martin is an old high school friend of the strapping, kilt-clad Scot (Ian) from HASTE YEAR BACK. The young lady (Bryn) on that same cover is neighbors with the t-shirted guy (Jason) THE BEST EVER, and he's the brother of the woman (Abby) on the cover of my FOR ME.

     (Deanna and I would be thrilled if you read them in order as they appear above. Despite getting a deep sense of the characters in each individual book, their on-going interaction gives even more understanding of their 'situations.')

     So, dear friends, thanks for reading. I hope you'll pick up and enjoy FOR ME!

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and three fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West. 


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bad, Wendy,bad!

I'm a bad, bad person -- yes, more than six months since I've updated this page. It should be obvious by now, that I'm not much of an updater, and for that I apologize.

So, without further ado, here's the latest bookcover!  Edits are taking place now, with a possible release date later this month (July).

 What's it about? Well, maybe Hunter Hayes and Charlie Worsham can help with that.

In my non-writing life, I spend part of my day on the air at a local country station (1077 The Wolf if you must know) and sometime songs just 'speak' to me as a writer.

Hunter Hayes' 'Wanted' is the perfect song for Dr. Abby Lewis -- her 'date' assuring her she'll '...always be wanted...' especially after so many years of scrutiny by men who thought someone less than a size four wasn't capable of being beautiful.

I first heard of Charlie Worsham during a long-weekend trip to Nashville. It was our first 'vacation' after spending three-plus years using our off-time driving to and from Wisconsin on nearly a weekly basis to care for my brother. Charlie was one of the many acts at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman the night we attended. He played with two other people on stage, no drums, no electronics -- just pure stringed music and vocals. 'Could It Be' stuck with me since then, and I'm thrilled it's now in rotation at the station....but I digress... 'Could It Be' is Casey's song -- he's '...finally holding what I've been hoping for...'

So, as soon as I'm through all the edits and the Decadent Publishing gurus deem my story properly shined -- I'll let you know a release date. I'm sure many of you fine readers will be able to identify n some small way with Abby's internal outlook.

Thanks for reading -- and being so incredibly patient!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yeah, it's been awhile...

...and for that I apologize. 

But, I've been busy, busy with the matter of life, illness and even death.

It's taken me more than a month to feel comfortable with sharing some personal information publicly, but maybe it's time.

Best Big Brother, ever!
For the past three years, I've been helping my only sibling, my brother, through some nasty stuff. You've seen bumper stickers and other signage reading: 'Cancer Sucks,' well, yes, it truly does. I think we're all know at least one person who has cancer, or who has been taken by it.

Unfortunately, my brother is just one of a half-dozen or more (I lose count) family members (in my family and my husband's) and friends who have died of that horrid disease in various forms. The CRAP that is cancer killed my brother in early December. 

I don't regret any of the moments I spent with him over the past years -- even if it meant driving six hours one way on a Friday only to have to turn around and drive six hours back home on Sunday to be to work at 4 Monday morning.

Was it difficult - it could be. Was it tiring - more than you can imagine. Was it simple compared to what my big brother was going through - like child's play. So, no complaining here.

He was with me all of my fifty years. And, although no one lives forever, that fifty certainly wasn't long enough in my book.

I know he's sitting in an ugly green and white woven lawn chair, in a sunny back yard with my parents and half of Sheboygan, Wisconsin's Swift Avenue on the 'other side' having a beer (well, at least one!) -  just for me. Other than being here, that's the most perfect image I can conjure! 

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and two fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West.Find her books at Decadent Publishing, Amazon and other reputable e-book retailers.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

And, here it is..'s a bit racier than the my other book covers, but there is something simply beautiful about the young lady. Most importantly, the silhouette in the background is the key to the story.

I love it...simple, poignant, sexy and mysterious.

The really cool thing -- parts of the story take place in my hometown, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Was there awhile ago, and every time I visit, a new story pops into my head. Next one will include references to this photo: (good luck figuring this one out!)

Now the 'hard' part begins -- waiting for edits. Regardless, you should be able to read Wise Men Say sometime in December.

Happy waiting!

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and two fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West. Wise Men Say, Wendy's latest 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing,will be ready in time for Christmas reading and giving.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hmmm, strange---

...but I'm not complaining!

I don't know why I do it, but I do. My little stories will never be in the Top Ten on Amazon, or any New York Times Best Seller List. I'm not being pessimistic, I just have a reality about my writing.

Hopefully, some day, I'll be proved wrong.

Now, what's so strange? 

Although I shouldn't, I take a peek at a site called NovelRank on occasion, just to see what's happening with those three little stories I have published. Why I'm surprised there continue to be sales, I don't know. I guess my surprise is because I'm not a super-marketer...I'm not hitting FB, Twitter, MySpace (does it still exist?), Shelfari, Goodreads, etc, daily and for hours at a time.

The One He Chose, the second of three Decadent Publishing pubbed stories seems to be the favorite of those who are buying my works. It's not that it's not my favorite, but like people with children, I would imagine, you can't say just which one is the favorite! The characters in TOHC are special to me in their own way. Just as Bryn and Ian in Haste Ye Back, were born in a certain place, for a certain reason, they hold  certain  place in my heart - not above or below, Jake and Grace from TOHC.

Then there's the first born, Respite. Although, my first published work, it had a bit of a difficult birth . Almost like a test-tube baby, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Now, it's like the very-much-older sibling who lives far away and isn't seen very often -- still related, but because of time, learning 'the business,' learning just how I write, I don't 'relate' to Respite like I do my other two 'babies.'

I'm touched and honored by the reviews for The One He Chose and Haste Ye Back--4 and 5 stars/cups/ravens/kisses/roses for each. I'm surprised as well -- really, people like me, they really, really like me, she wrote, conjuring the spirit of Sally Fields' Oscar acceptance speech in 1985.

So, I thank you -- I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending a few bucks on some words I wrote, conceived in the corners of my (sometimes twisted!) mind and typed in a laptop while the Detroit Tigers played in the background. I appreciate it - not because of any royalty, but because my words matter to you.


When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and two fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West. Wise Men Say, Wendy's latest 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing,will be ready in time for Christmas reading and giving.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Like a Bad Penny...

...I know, I keep showing up!

Well, thankfully, here and there, once or twice a month, I show up. I know that doesn't help the 'fans' (HA!) of this blog, if there are any of you out there - but you know how life sometimes gets in the way of things you really want to do, forcing you into things you must do.  Not complaining -- just the way life is.

But -- there is good news! Another contract with Decadent Publishing for its 1NightStand series.

North Pier lighthouse, Sheboygan, WI
I'm stoked -- finally I've been able to work my hometown into a story which will be published. Not that I don't have other tales which take place in truly beautiful Sheboygan, Wisconsin - I do - Wise Men Say is first I've finished. Well--so far!

Through this story I get to relive supremely wonderful winters at the Kiwanis Park sledding hill. Sure, I could have chosen the terraced area at Vollrath Park, but I'm 'southsider,' so Kiwanis was closer. Anyone from Brat Town will 'get' that!

Toledo Firefighter, my nephew, Todd!

Wise Men Say, honors those who I absolutely admire--brave men in women who are or have been in uniform. That includes my father (WWII Pacific Theater), my husband (Germany during Vietnam), my family's friends who were in the WACS, WAVES, Korea, Vietnam, and the wars of my adult life in the Gulf and Middle East.  It's also for those in law enforcement (in or out of uniform) and those who carry hoses in to burning buildings -- many of whom are dear friends and family.

And, the main character looks like --nope, not my perpetual favorite Russell Crowe--but (still another fave!) Jim Caviezel. After I submitted the story, this photo popped up on Face Book -- damn, someone was picking through the photos in my head! Yep, he looks just like the main character--even in the right uniform!

 I hope you enjoy reading Wise Men Say come this holiday season as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hopefully, I'll catch up with you before October!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busting the Block

It's happened in the past, but never to this extent---thankfully, it's corrected itself.

What is 'it'? BLOCK, as in 'writer's block.' Does it really exist? Did I really have a four-month case of it? 

I don't know what you'd call it...but the words just were not there, as if they had abandoned me, left me out in the cold, staring at me from inside where it was warm and creative. Then they had the audacity to blow a giant raspberry in my direction as well.

Stupid block.

It happens, or so I'm told. I think I can attribute it to the 'stress' I was under -- personally, professionally, physically -- losing a job and taking care of a relative long distance can do that.

But, as Kelly Clarkson would sing, 'What doesn't kill ya..yadda, yadda' or in the words of my very succinct parish priest, 'Don't pray for a lighter load, pray for a stronger back.' 

Yeah, well, don't we all get tired of 'lifting weights' after awhile?

Whatever 'it' was, thankfully has lifted and THANK GOODNESS I'm able to pen a few words on a nightly basis. And, I've submitted my latest 1NightStand series story to Decadent Publishing. Fingers crossed that you'll be able to read Wise Men Say come the holidays.

Jim & Brad, thanks for entertaining & inspiring me!
And, I'm back to immersing myself in fiction again. I devour books while sweating on my elliptical. I hadn't had 'focus' to read or sweat - I think it was a side effect of the 'block.' If you haven't picked up a James Rollins SIGMA series novel, I highly suggest this roller-coaster of espionage. BLOODLINE is his latest, and in my opinion, the deepest and most entertaining. Now, I'm just cooling my heels until Scot Harvath again appears in Brad Thor's BLACKLIST which comes out later this month.

Damn, it's good to feel 'normal' again. 

Hope everyone is well!

The Children

The Children
They look more like their father.