Saturday, September 22, 2012

And, here it is..'s a bit racier than the my other book covers, but there is something simply beautiful about the young lady. Most importantly, the silhouette in the background is the key to the story.

I love it...simple, poignant, sexy and mysterious.

The really cool thing -- parts of the story take place in my hometown, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Was there awhile ago, and every time I visit, a new story pops into my head. Next one will include references to this photo: (good luck figuring this one out!)

Now the 'hard' part begins -- waiting for edits. Regardless, you should be able to read Wise Men Say sometime in December.

Happy waiting!

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and two fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West. Wise Men Say, Wendy's latest 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing,will be ready in time for Christmas reading and giving.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hmmm, strange---

...but I'm not complaining!

I don't know why I do it, but I do. My little stories will never be in the Top Ten on Amazon, or any New York Times Best Seller List. I'm not being pessimistic, I just have a reality about my writing.

Hopefully, some day, I'll be proved wrong.

Now, what's so strange? 

Although I shouldn't, I take a peek at a site called NovelRank on occasion, just to see what's happening with those three little stories I have published. Why I'm surprised there continue to be sales, I don't know. I guess my surprise is because I'm not a super-marketer...I'm not hitting FB, Twitter, MySpace (does it still exist?), Shelfari, Goodreads, etc, daily and for hours at a time.

The One He Chose, the second of three Decadent Publishing pubbed stories seems to be the favorite of those who are buying my works. It's not that it's not my favorite, but like people with children, I would imagine, you can't say just which one is the favorite! The characters in TOHC are special to me in their own way. Just as Bryn and Ian in Haste Ye Back, were born in a certain place, for a certain reason, they hold  certain  place in my heart - not above or below, Jake and Grace from TOHC.

Then there's the first born, Respite. Although, my first published work, it had a bit of a difficult birth . Almost like a test-tube baby, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Now, it's like the very-much-older sibling who lives far away and isn't seen very often -- still related, but because of time, learning 'the business,' learning just how I write, I don't 'relate' to Respite like I do my other two 'babies.'

I'm touched and honored by the reviews for The One He Chose and Haste Ye Back--4 and 5 stars/cups/ravens/kisses/roses for each. I'm surprised as well -- really, people like me, they really, really like me, she wrote, conjuring the spirit of Sally Fields' Oscar acceptance speech in 1985.

So, I thank you -- I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending a few bucks on some words I wrote, conceived in the corners of my (sometimes twisted!) mind and typed in a laptop while the Detroit Tigers played in the background. I appreciate it - not because of any royalty, but because my words matter to you.


When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and two fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West. Wise Men Say, Wendy's latest 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing,will be ready in time for Christmas reading and giving.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Like a Bad Penny...

...I know, I keep showing up!

Well, thankfully, here and there, once or twice a month, I show up. I know that doesn't help the 'fans' (HA!) of this blog, if there are any of you out there - but you know how life sometimes gets in the way of things you really want to do, forcing you into things you must do.  Not complaining -- just the way life is.

But -- there is good news! Another contract with Decadent Publishing for its 1NightStand series.

North Pier lighthouse, Sheboygan, WI
I'm stoked -- finally I've been able to work my hometown into a story which will be published. Not that I don't have other tales which take place in truly beautiful Sheboygan, Wisconsin - I do - Wise Men Say is first I've finished. Well--so far!

Through this story I get to relive supremely wonderful winters at the Kiwanis Park sledding hill. Sure, I could have chosen the terraced area at Vollrath Park, but I'm 'southsider,' so Kiwanis was closer. Anyone from Brat Town will 'get' that!

Toledo Firefighter, my nephew, Todd!

Wise Men Say, honors those who I absolutely admire--brave men in women who are or have been in uniform. That includes my father (WWII Pacific Theater), my husband (Germany during Vietnam), my family's friends who were in the WACS, WAVES, Korea, Vietnam, and the wars of my adult life in the Gulf and Middle East.  It's also for those in law enforcement (in or out of uniform) and those who carry hoses in to burning buildings -- many of whom are dear friends and family.

And, the main character looks like --nope, not my perpetual favorite Russell Crowe--but (still another fave!) Jim Caviezel. After I submitted the story, this photo popped up on Face Book -- damn, someone was picking through the photos in my head! Yep, he looks just like the main character--even in the right uniform!

 I hope you enjoy reading Wise Men Say come this holiday season as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hopefully, I'll catch up with you before October!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busting the Block

It's happened in the past, but never to this extent---thankfully, it's corrected itself.

What is 'it'? BLOCK, as in 'writer's block.' Does it really exist? Did I really have a four-month case of it? 

I don't know what you'd call it...but the words just were not there, as if they had abandoned me, left me out in the cold, staring at me from inside where it was warm and creative. Then they had the audacity to blow a giant raspberry in my direction as well.

Stupid block.

It happens, or so I'm told. I think I can attribute it to the 'stress' I was under -- personally, professionally, physically -- losing a job and taking care of a relative long distance can do that.

But, as Kelly Clarkson would sing, 'What doesn't kill ya..yadda, yadda' or in the words of my very succinct parish priest, 'Don't pray for a lighter load, pray for a stronger back.' 

Yeah, well, don't we all get tired of 'lifting weights' after awhile?

Whatever 'it' was, thankfully has lifted and THANK GOODNESS I'm able to pen a few words on a nightly basis. And, I've submitted my latest 1NightStand series story to Decadent Publishing. Fingers crossed that you'll be able to read Wise Men Say come the holidays.

Jim & Brad, thanks for entertaining & inspiring me!
And, I'm back to immersing myself in fiction again. I devour books while sweating on my elliptical. I hadn't had 'focus' to read or sweat - I think it was a side effect of the 'block.' If you haven't picked up a James Rollins SIGMA series novel, I highly suggest this roller-coaster of espionage. BLOODLINE is his latest, and in my opinion, the deepest and most entertaining. Now, I'm just cooling my heels until Scot Harvath again appears in Brad Thor's BLACKLIST which comes out later this month.

Damn, it's good to feel 'normal' again. 

Hope everyone is well!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shame on Me!

Shame on ME!

Where does the time go? It's been since APRIL since I've posted on this blog...yes---SHAME ON ME!

So, what have I been up to? Well--not necessarily the 'usual.'

It's been a whirlwind, stressful couple of months. In a nutshell, the company I worked for was sold and I lost my job. Three weeks later I had, well technically, THREE jobs-- I'm now a TV producer, a published writer, and I have a part time gig at a radio station! Am I lucky, fortunate, or just crazy?

Probably, the last---hell, I now get up at 2:50AM to be to work by 4. I'm lucky, however, as many of my TV brethren have to be to work at 130AM or even 11PM the night before to get the morning news on the air. So, I shouldn't complain right? I'm's just that 2:50AM is FRIGGIN' early...I mean REALLY FRIGGIN' early.

But, the really good news is, I write for four hours straight! Unfortunately, it's not the usual stuff I pen, it's not nearly as interesting (or erotic!)...but it is writing and it does make the morning go by super-quick! In the process, I've learned a new task--even though I was fairly certain my brain was unable to stretch that far! I've been able to book some of my favorite people on 'the show' via satellite, like Mike Holmes, John O'Hurley, and darn it, I just missed out on getting an interview window with author James Rollins!
Jim Caviezel

Since it's a CBS/FOX combo I work for, I can only hope the opportunities to snag Jim Caveizel and Gordon Ramsey present themselves! (I mean really--Jim just happens to be the model for a character in a story I'm working on right now!)

So, that's my 'professional' life in a nutshell. On the writing front, I apologize if you missed five straight days of FREE downloads of The One He Chose. It's still getting good reviews, and don't forget you can always pick up a copy at Amazon, or other e-book sellers.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can finish two more 1NightStand stories for Decadent Publishing before the summer is over. 

Sleep = good!
I'll try to do that in the afternoon while I'm trying NOT to fall asleep!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Characters 'chat'!

Writers talk--a lot--to one another. For example, my pal Deanna Wadsworth and I. But would you believe our book characters talk to one another as well? They do!

So, today we have with us Ian McCallum and Martin Baird. Ian is the sexy Scottish male character in my latest release HASTE YE BACK and Martin is the unwitting hero of Deanna's ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL, the second super hot tropical romance by her in the 1Night Stand series she and I have been writing with overlapping characters.

Ian and Martin have agreed to sit down and dish about Madame Eve and her 1Night Stand service.

So Ian, Martin, tell us how you met?

IAN:Oh hell, we've been mates since we wore short pants! In primary school-- 2nd or 3rd level--that's 2nd or 3rd grade to you Yanks. So, what when we were 7 or 8? He was getting the snot knocked out of him on the I knocked the snot out of those knocking on him...

MARTIN: It was Ian and Martin everywhere we went after that. The best of pals, saw all the good shows at the cinema on Saturday afternoon. You should have seen this bloke with a rugby ball!

IAN: Aye, well, I wouldn't have been playing rugby if you hadn't done all my book reports for me.

MARTIN: It was the least I could do

Sounds like you two were the best of pals. Now, there's something something about a kiss between you two?

MARTIN: (laughing) Oh, I shall take full blame for that. I mean look at the bloke, can't blame a guy for trying, right?

IAN: Try, being the operative word

MARTIN: (nudging Ian) Took him a second to figure that out though, right?

IAN:I love the guy--but it's not something I readily admit anymore---not that I'm ashamed of you or anything Martin--it's just, well--we were young and curious...that's all...forgive me, but I don't even remember if it was good!

MARTIN: (slapping his arm) Don't know if I like being forgotten so readily, its a bloody good thing I've forgotten as well!

IAN: (laughing) I don't buy that!

Now how did you hear about 1NS?

MARTIN: I work for the Castillo Resorts and for the last several years I have been setting up fantasy suites and encounters for Madame Eve's customers. All of which I am happy to report, seem to still be going strong. I never thought that I would be on the lucky end of her matchmaking skills, but I'm damn grateful for it

IAN: I'd been through a pretty rough marriage and had been divorced about six months when I run into this guy and his partner in a pub. He's going on and on about this woman and this 'service,' and well, I figured what did I have to lose! Anyway, he and Garret sure did seem happy together.

MARTIN: Took more than his fair share of pints to convince him that Garret and I weren't talking rubbish.

IAN: That and they were buying the rounds

 Ian, what happened with your 1NS date?

IAN:During the date! Are you outta your mind?! I'd like to see this young lady again.

MARTIN: Oh, I am sure you will see her again!

IAN: Aye, I know in my heart, I will.

MARTIN: You see, there is a wee bit of the fae about Madame Eve. She knows what you need in a partner, even if you don't. Garret even tried to trick her when he was hiring her but it didn't work

How did he try to trick her?

MARTIN: Well, my Garret, he likes a particular type of chap. He likes to be... how shall we say? In charge?

IAN: Aye, do I wanna hear this?

MARTIN: I’ll keep it clean, ya old bastard. Well Garret didn’t tell Madame Eve, but she knew somehow what he wanted and she handpicked me for him. I didn't evenknow I was being set up, I just thought I was having a bit of luck and met an amazing guy on holiday. But I believe Madame Eve was waiting for Garret to come along because she knew we were meant to be together. Just like she knew that Bryn and Ian were supposed to meet.

Ian tell us about that?

IAN: All I can say is from the moment I met her my heart was full--like she had been with me in the past, through so many things, I can't wait to see her again!

If you want to know all the juicy details that Martin and Ian are apparently too polite to share, you can read Martin and Garret's story in ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL, by Deanna Wadsworth and Ian and Bryn's tale in my book HASTE YE BACK.

Of course, if you want the full picture why not start at the beginning?

BEAR IT ALL--A 1Night Stand Story
by Deanna Wadsworth

Can desire overcome misunderstanding when these two men bear it all? Or will both men walk away from exactly what they need and desire?

--A 1Night Stand Story
by Wendy Burke

A year after losing her beloved husband, Grace Witzler learns he left a special surprise for her. A fabulous getaway in the beautiful Canadian Rockies that includes a date with a mystery man arranged through Madame Eve’s 1NightStand dating service. She’s shocked and intrigued…what was Ben thinking?

Grace’s date is charming, handsome and about to find out whether the woman of his dreams will return his affection. He’s waited forever, but he’s reading to risk it all on a 1NightStand.

Find Deanna and me on Facebook!

One lucky commenter will win a copy of BEAR IT ALL and THE ONE HE CHOSE so you can start at the beginning of this sexy series!! (If you already have them--well, we'll give you something else!)

Don't forget to leave a comment to win!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Six degrees of (character) separation!

You've heard the term 'six degrees of separation.' Basically, you're just six people away from knowing everyone on earth. You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who knows someone, who works--let's say--at Buckingham Palace, who knows someone and before you know it, you know the Queen of England!

It happens in writers' heads and with their characters as well. And, what happens when one or two characters know someone in one, two or three books by different authors?

Such is the case when I began writing for Decadent Publishing's 1NightStand line. My writing partner in crime, Deanna Wadsworth, (who has had immense success with her full-length works for DP), started talking about characters, where they come from, and what if they knew one another from one book to the next.

And, so, six 1NS stories were born--three from her and three from me, with overlapping characters. In the end, will they all know each other---maybe! 

For example, take following book covers:
If you haven't read either of these 1NS stories, you may not know that the man on far left and the woman on the far right are brother and sister! And if you read The One He Chose you find out a bit what happened with Travis from Bear It All.

But, it doesn't stop there:
You see the cute blond from Accidentally Beautiful was our heroine's concierge in The One He Chose. And, a dear friend of the strapping Scot on the cover of Haste Ye Back.

I don't want to give everything away, but a friend of Bryn's from HYB could be the main character in the next book which Deanna is penning. And, then--well a story about his sister which I will write.

And in the end---well---you guessed it, it'll all go back to the beginning and somehow, everyone will be connected.

It's been fun determining how people are connected, it'll be even more interesting once the stories are complete! (For you and us as well!)

Check back Tuesday for a little insight into two of these characters!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tours and other news!

Check out the giveaways and the great blogs where I'll be touring next week!

March 5th:
March 6th:
March 7th:
March 8th:
March 9th:

 And if you haven't heard, Haste Ye Back is waiting for you! I'm honored by the wonderful reviews! 

Lucy Felthouse wrote: This was a really enjoyable story. It has a fascinating blend of contemporary and ancient elements, making for a fun read which was mysterious in places. I really liked each of the characters and found myself rooting for them, and boy was the sex hot! I don't want to give anything else away, but I'll just say this is a well-written, hot, fun story with parts that will really make you think - and hope there's a sequel! 

And, if you're wondering about the two secondary characters in Haste Ye Back. Well, Tuesday, pick up a copy of Accidentally Beautiful by my writing partner in crime, Deanna Wadsworth!

Okay...I guess I better get movin' on that next 1NightStand story!

Wendy is a displaced Cheesehead, proud to have been born and bred in Wisconsin. She was a migrant worker for years in the radio business, until she landed in Ohio and refused to leave. When she isn’t writing for pleasure and publication, she is a TV newsroom assignment manager. She shares her clean, yet perpetually dusty, house with her way-too-cute chef husband and two spoiled rotten cats in the Great Lakes region of the mid-west. Find her on Facebook, or send her an email at

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Excerpt Time---Haste Ye Back!

In just a couple weeks, my latest story with Decadent Publishing Haste Ye Back will be released.

So, that means it's Excerpt Time! Please enjoy this little taste of Haste Ye Back!

Ian didn’t deny his immediate attraction to Bryn, and he couldn’t help think she felt the same—gregarious and affectionate, her hand touched his arm, rested on his knee, and during something particularly amusing, playfully slapped his thigh, then lingered there, fingers dancing dangerously toward his inseam.
Maybe Martin and Garret had been right—this service was more than that. Spot on with their description of Madame Eve, even without the massive number of pounds he’d laid out for the arrangement. Obviously the proprietor had some sort of mental extension into the past and present to bring him someone with whom he had an immediate connection, and one who responded to him in the same manner. Like Eve had reached back into their collective conscious and recreated some long lost love and relationship.
Despite the obvious closeness and easy and entertaining conversation with Bryn, it still surprised him when less than two hours into their meeting she nuzzled against his cheek, her lips dragging over his ear when she whispered, “Uh, I hate to be blunt, Ian, but if I don’t get my mouth around your dick—and soon—I think I’m gonna die.”
Haste Ye Back and The One He Chose---1 Night Stand stories from Wendy Burke and Decadent Publishing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Round!

 Okay, I's been awhile!

But, the good news is, I have completed ROUND ONE of edits for Haste Ye Back, which has a release date sometime later this month or early March. Now that's  exciting in my book!

In the meantime, The One He Chose has been getting amazing reviews. I'm shocked and proud all at the same time. If you look to the right, you can see TwoLips, Whipped Cream and Romancing the Book reviewed the story and all gave it high marks.

Just as a side note, my pal Deanna Wadsworth and I have been writing these 1 Night Stand stories with overlapping characters. Haste Ye Back is the fourth in the series of six we've planned. The series began with her Bear It All, followed by my The One he Chose, her Accidentally Beautiful will be out soon as well, then on to Haste Ye Back. While the stories stand alone in their own right, if you read them in sequence, you'll see what has happened with the characters in the previous book. After these four, well at least two more to come. And for those of you in the northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan area of the country, you may recognize some of the locations!

So, that's what's been going on from this end. Hope everyone is enjoying 2012!

Until next time...