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Sheboyganese - Part Twoah

 This blog originally appeared on A Daily Dose of Decadence in February. I've had so many wonderful comments about Part One, I thought Part Twoah might need to go up sooner than later! ENJOY - there will be a test....later...Waaaay later...

 How to Speak Sheboyganese – Part Two

   Well, fellow linguists, if you remember an earlier blog, you learned the finesse of the Sheboyganese accent. For those of you who didn’t  Part One, SHAME ON YOU!  J  Secondly – go back and read it as it is a prerequisite for SHEBOYGANESE II at the University of Wendy.
    Just to reiterate, Sheboygan, Wisconsin is my hometown – I was born and bred there. It’s a beautiful town of 50,000+ on the shores of Lake Michigan half-way between Milwaukee and Green Bay. From last week’s lesson we learned, Sheboyganites have a particular accent, so specific that other Wisconsinites can tell if a person is from Sheboygan.
  But, along with the patterns of speech you can hear from someone from my hometown, there are also words unique to that county.
    I had never grilled anything until I moved to Ohio. Whatever is done on a contraption fueled by charcoal or propane was called frying in Sheboygan. In addition, no respected Sheboyganite would use propane (well, not in my day!) to fry anything! We used charcoal – chunks or briquettes – soaked with starter fluid. (Or white gas if you were my neighbors, the Holler family! Love you guys!)
    But why? ask! Because charcoal is a tasty substance in which to drop meat. Hell, I can’t tell you the number of blackened – and I don’t mean Emeril Lagasse-ized – bratwurst I have consumed in my life which I picked directly out of the glowing embers of the fryer (more on that word in a moment.) Just wash it off in a little butter-onion-beer juice simmering atop said fryer and you’re good to go! In the photo you will see the perfect double brat – served on a Sheboygan hardroll with brown mustard, dill slices and onion!   Man, I haven’t had a really good one in some time! Wash it down with a lukewarm Kingsbury and you’re nearly in Cheesehead nirvana!
   Now you know we fry things in Sheboygan and not grill them. Well, the item full of charcoal on which the frying takes place is one of two apparatus – either a fryer or a Weber.
A fryer is nothing special, just a round, flat-bottomed receptacle on legs, covered with a ‘grill.’
   As opposed to the fancier, Weber Cooker. 
    Now you might not say there is a difference, but growing up in the Bratwurst Capital of the World, I can assure you there is – some families even had a fryer and a Weber!
    And, remember – the above fryer should also not be confused with the fryer  you can get in the meat department at your local supermarket…like The Pig in Sheboygan. If you’re still confused, that fryer would be a nice chicken for frying. (In a pan or on the fryer.)
   Have I lost you yet?  Just two more and you can go shopping in Sheboygan!
   When perusing the frozen treat section of The Pig (see above), don’t forget on a hot summer day, coolers are great eating. Now, you’re saying, why would I eat something that keeps food cold! Well, you’re not…in Sheboygan a cooler is a cold food – namely a Popsicle.
    And if you need some quick hydration…stop at a bubbler and take a nice long refreshing drink. It’s a water fountain.
  So there you have it – you can now sound and speak like a Sheboyganite!
   So much easier than advanced Latin, huh?

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