Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hmmm, strange---

...but I'm not complaining!

I don't know why I do it, but I do. My little stories will never be in the Top Ten on Amazon, or any New York Times Best Seller List. I'm not being pessimistic, I just have a reality about my writing.

Hopefully, some day, I'll be proved wrong.

Now, what's so strange? 

Although I shouldn't, I take a peek at a site called NovelRank on occasion, just to see what's happening with those three little stories I have published. Why I'm surprised there continue to be sales, I don't know. I guess my surprise is because I'm not a super-marketer...I'm not hitting FB, Twitter, MySpace (does it still exist?), Shelfari, Goodreads, etc, daily and for hours at a time.

The One He Chose, the second of three Decadent Publishing pubbed stories seems to be the favorite of those who are buying my works. It's not that it's not my favorite, but like people with children, I would imagine, you can't say just which one is the favorite! The characters in TOHC are special to me in their own way. Just as Bryn and Ian in Haste Ye Back, were born in a certain place, for a certain reason, they hold  certain  place in my heart - not above or below, Jake and Grace from TOHC.

Then there's the first born, Respite. Although, my first published work, it had a bit of a difficult birth . Almost like a test-tube baby, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. Now, it's like the very-much-older sibling who lives far away and isn't seen very often -- still related, but because of time, learning 'the business,' learning just how I write, I don't 'relate' to Respite like I do my other two 'babies.'

I'm touched and honored by the reviews for The One He Chose and Haste Ye Back--4 and 5 stars/cups/ravens/kisses/roses for each. I'm surprised as well -- really, people like me, they really, really like me, she wrote, conjuring the spirit of Sally Fields' Oscar acceptance speech in 1985.

So, I thank you -- I thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending a few bucks on some words I wrote, conceived in the corners of my (sometimes twisted!) mind and typed in a laptop while the Detroit Tigers played in the background. I appreciate it - not because of any royalty, but because my words matter to you.


When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a full time job behind the scenes in television, a part time job in radio and an even 'parter' time job trying to keep her house clean. She lives with her cute chef husband and two fuzzy felines in the Great Lakes region of the Mid-West. Wise Men Say, Wendy's latest 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing,will be ready in time for Christmas reading and giving.

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