Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yeah, it's been awhile...

...and for that I apologize. 

But, I've been busy, busy with the matter of life, illness and even death.

It's taken me more than a month to feel comfortable with sharing some personal information publicly, but maybe it's time.

Best Big Brother, ever!
For the past three years, I've been helping my only sibling, my brother, through some nasty stuff. You've seen bumper stickers and other signage reading: 'Cancer Sucks,' well, yes, it truly does. I think we're all know at least one person who has cancer, or who has been taken by it.

Unfortunately, my brother is just one of a half-dozen or more (I lose count) family members (in my family and my husband's) and friends who have died of that horrid disease in various forms. The CRAP that is cancer killed my brother in early December. 

I don't regret any of the moments I spent with him over the past years -- even if it meant driving six hours one way on a Friday only to have to turn around and drive six hours back home on Sunday to be to work at 4 Monday morning.

Was it difficult - it could be. Was it tiring - more than you can imagine. Was it simple compared to what my big brother was going through - like child's play. So, no complaining here.

He was with me all of my fifty years. And, although no one lives forever, that fifty certainly wasn't long enough in my book.

I know he's sitting in an ugly green and white woven lawn chair, in a sunny back yard with my parents and half of Sheboygan, Wisconsin's Swift Avenue on the 'other side' having a beer (well, at least one!) -  just for me. Other than being here, that's the most perfect image I can conjure! 

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