Sunday, November 6, 2016

Friends are a Writer's Best Friend!

Oh, the conversations which take place when writers get together! Usually, our poor spouses are left out in the cold, looking at us like we need some sort of psychiatric help. It's always nice when you have friends who understand the 'people in your head' just need to express themselves.

Such is the case with my pal, writer and former co-worker, Cyn Mackley. It's so much fun to see each other's eyes light up with ideas and plot twists. So, we decided to sit down and chat awhile--and if you like interestingly twisted stories, my pal, Cynde has them for you!

Me: So, Cyn, do the people in your head talk to you all day long, too?
Cyn: Oh yes. The inside of my head is like a Robin Williams routine.
Me: Much less hairy, I would imagine!
Cyn: Oh, there are some hairy ones in there too!

Me: What's the earliest recollection of you actually writing?
Cyn:. I distinctly remember drawing a little book about two broth who lived in a windmill. I had confused a windmill with a lighthouse because they had boats.

Me: What author do you admire most?
Cyn: The first author I ever truly loved was Laura Ingalls Wilder. I wrote Michael Landon angry letters over the TV show Little House On The Prairie versus the book. Like a 7-page letter. Robert B. Parker is a huge influence on me as well. The way he writes dialogue, how prolific he was. How he keeled over while writing at this desk. 

Me: I know your stories are a bit 'twisted,' in a wonderful way. Where do your story ideas come from?
Cyn: I collect little bits of every single day to use in stories. We've both worked in newsrooms and that's a great place for plots in general.Every single crime in any of my books has been inspired by a similar real-life crimes. Even the awful things that go down in What The Chat Dragged In.

Me: Where did the storyline for Killer Clowns from Out of State come from?
Cyn: A visit to the Cirque de Soliel. I was sitting in the audience and was impressed that the clown band was playing their own instruments and singing, and I started thinking, wow these are super-talented people. I wondered what their lives were like when not performing. What do accordion playing clowns do in their off time? By the end of the performance, I had most of the book.

Me: With 'What the Chat Dragged In,' and 'American Goth' you have mystery down pat. Any other genre you'd like to try?
Cyn: I'd really like to be able to write a good piece of sci-fi or fantasy. I love that genre, but I don't feel that I write it well. I have a half finished book called Araknj's Quantum that's a steampunk mystery about time-traveling murderous robot chefs. I let my friends pick my National Novel Writing Month project by naming random things and that's what happened.

Me: With two novels published and many more on the way--which is your favorite?

Cyn: Probably What The Chat Dragged In. Because it was so hard to write, but I think I pulled it off.

Me: I know after 'Chat,' 'Killer Clowns' is next. What's it about? 
Cyn: It's about a small town female police chief that runs over a circus performer who may or may not be connected to a murder. He's a fill-in clown, actually an assistant stage manager who knows how to play the accordion. I'm proud of how it all comes together and makes sense. I'm also finishing my edits on the sequel to American Goth, 'A Maze & Grace.'

I had to include the covers of Cyn's published and soon-to-be published books, because they're some of the most awesome covers I've ever seen!

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