Saturday, March 31, 2012

Six degrees of (character) separation!

You've heard the term 'six degrees of separation.' Basically, you're just six people away from knowing everyone on earth. You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who knows someone, who works--let's say--at Buckingham Palace, who knows someone and before you know it, you know the Queen of England!

It happens in writers' heads and with their characters as well. And, what happens when one or two characters know someone in one, two or three books by different authors?

Such is the case when I began writing for Decadent Publishing's 1NightStand line. My writing partner in crime, Deanna Wadsworth, (who has had immense success with her full-length works for DP), started talking about characters, where they come from, and what if they knew one another from one book to the next.

And, so, six 1NS stories were born--three from her and three from me, with overlapping characters. In the end, will they all know each other---maybe! 

For example, take following book covers:
If you haven't read either of these 1NS stories, you may not know that the man on far left and the woman on the far right are brother and sister! And if you read The One He Chose you find out a bit what happened with Travis from Bear It All.

But, it doesn't stop there:
You see the cute blond from Accidentally Beautiful was our heroine's concierge in The One He Chose. And, a dear friend of the strapping Scot on the cover of Haste Ye Back.

I don't want to give everything away, but a friend of Bryn's from HYB could be the main character in the next book which Deanna is penning. And, then--well a story about his sister which I will write.

And in the end---well---you guessed it, it'll all go back to the beginning and somehow, everyone will be connected.

It's been fun determining how people are connected, it'll be even more interesting once the stories are complete! (For you and us as well!)

Check back Tuesday for a little insight into two of these characters!



  1. I love how you describe our books!!!

  2. I think this idea is brilliant! I'm woefully behind on my reading but these are on my tar list.