Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Characters 'chat'!

Writers talk--a lot--to one another. For example, my pal Deanna Wadsworth and I. But would you believe our book characters talk to one another as well? They do!

So, today we have with us Ian McCallum and Martin Baird. Ian is the sexy Scottish male character in my latest release HASTE YE BACK and Martin is the unwitting hero of Deanna's ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL, the second super hot tropical romance by her in the 1Night Stand series she and I have been writing with overlapping characters.

Ian and Martin have agreed to sit down and dish about Madame Eve and her 1Night Stand service.

So Ian, Martin, tell us how you met?

IAN:Oh hell, we've been mates since we wore short pants! In primary school-- 2nd or 3rd level--that's 2nd or 3rd grade to you Yanks. So, what when we were 7 or 8? He was getting the snot knocked out of him on the playground...so I knocked the snot out of those knocking on him...

MARTIN: It was Ian and Martin everywhere we went after that. The best of pals, saw all the good shows at the cinema on Saturday afternoon. You should have seen this bloke with a rugby ball!

IAN: Aye, well, I wouldn't have been playing rugby if you hadn't done all my book reports for me.

MARTIN: It was the least I could do

Sounds like you two were the best of pals. Now, there's something something about a kiss between you two?

MARTIN: (laughing) Oh, I shall take full blame for that. I mean look at the bloke, can't blame a guy for trying, right?

IAN: Try, being the operative word

MARTIN: (nudging Ian) Took him a second to figure that out though, right?

IAN:I love the guy--but it's not something I readily admit anymore---not that I'm ashamed of you or anything Martin--it's just, well--we were young and curious...that's all...forgive me, but I don't even remember if it was good!

MARTIN: (slapping his arm) Don't know if I like being forgotten so readily, its a bloody good thing I've forgotten as well!

IAN: (laughing) I don't buy that!

Now how did you hear about 1NS?

MARTIN: I work for the Castillo Resorts and for the last several years I have been setting up fantasy suites and encounters for Madame Eve's customers. All of which I am happy to report, seem to still be going strong. I never thought that I would be on the lucky end of her matchmaking skills, but I'm damn grateful for it

IAN: I'd been through a pretty rough marriage and had been divorced about six months when I run into this guy and his partner in a pub. He's going on and on about this woman and this 'service,' and well, I figured what did I have to lose! Anyway, he and Garret sure did seem happy together.

MARTIN: Took more than his fair share of pints to convince him that Garret and I weren't talking rubbish.

IAN: That and they were buying the rounds

 Ian, what happened with your 1NS date?

IAN:During the date! Are you outta your mind?! I'd like to see this young lady again.

MARTIN: Oh, I am sure you will see her again!

IAN: Aye, I know in my heart, I will.

MARTIN: You see, there is a wee bit of the fae about Madame Eve. She knows what you need in a partner, even if you don't. Garret even tried to trick her when he was hiring her but it didn't work

How did he try to trick her?

MARTIN: Well, my Garret, he likes a particular type of chap. He likes to be... how shall we say? In charge?

IAN: Aye, do I wanna hear this?

MARTIN: I’ll keep it clean, ya old bastard. Well Garret didn’t tell Madame Eve, but she knew somehow what he wanted and she handpicked me for him. I didn't evenknow I was being set up, I just thought I was having a bit of luck and met an amazing guy on holiday. But I believe Madame Eve was waiting for Garret to come along because she knew we were meant to be together. Just like she knew that Bryn and Ian were supposed to meet.

Ian tell us about that?

IAN: All I can say is from the moment I met her my heart was full--like she had been with me in the past, through so many things, lives...now I can't wait to see her again!

If you want to know all the juicy details that Martin and Ian are apparently too polite to share, you can read Martin and Garret's story in ACCIDENTALLY BEAUTIFUL, by Deanna Wadsworth and Ian and Bryn's tale in my book HASTE YE BACK.

Of course, if you want the full picture why not start at the beginning?

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