Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shame on Me!

Shame on ME!

Where does the time go? It's been since APRIL since I've posted on this blog...yes---SHAME ON ME!

So, what have I been up to? Well--not necessarily the 'usual.'

It's been a whirlwind, stressful couple of months. In a nutshell, the company I worked for was sold and I lost my job. Three weeks later I had, well technically, THREE jobs-- I'm now a TV producer, a published writer, and I have a part time gig at a radio station! Am I lucky, fortunate, or just crazy?

Probably, the last---hell, I now get up at 2:50AM to be to work by 4. I'm lucky, however, as many of my TV brethren have to be to work at 130AM or even 11PM the night before to get the morning news on the air. So, I shouldn't complain right? I'm not...it's just that 2:50AM is FRIGGIN' early...I mean REALLY FRIGGIN' early.

But, the really good news is, I write for four hours straight! Unfortunately, it's not the usual stuff I pen, it's not nearly as interesting (or erotic!)...but it is writing and it does make the morning go by super-quick! In the process, I've learned a new task--even though I was fairly certain my brain was unable to stretch that far! I've been able to book some of my favorite people on 'the show' via satellite, like Mike Holmes, John O'Hurley, and darn it, I just missed out on getting an interview window with author James Rollins!
Jim Caviezel

Since it's a CBS/FOX combo I work for, I can only hope the opportunities to snag Jim Caveizel and Gordon Ramsey present themselves! (I mean really--Jim just happens to be the model for a character in a story I'm working on right now!)

So, that's my 'professional' life in a nutshell. On the writing front, I apologize if you missed five straight days of FREE downloads of The One He Chose. It's still getting good reviews, and don't forget you can always pick up a copy at Amazon, or other e-book sellers.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can finish two more 1NightStand stories for Decadent Publishing before the summer is over. 

Sleep = good!
I'll try to do that in the afternoon while I'm trying NOT to fall asleep!



  1. EEeOW, you're a busy lady. I admire your tenacity and using your resources. And you don't have to tell me about getting up early to do news. For one morning drive gig, I had to stop at a convenience store and get the papers...the news department didn't have a news feed...or a news person. So, I had to read through the papers, edit and write my stories, then be the perky morning host. Talk about a true rip and read. The fact that you've survived radio for all these years means you have magical powers.

    1. Thanks! That means a lot, especially from someone who's been there!

      None of the businesses are nearly as 'exciting' as they once were, however!

      Hope you are well and tan! Miss you!